Don't Call Me Grandma

Great-grandmother Nell eats fish for breakfast, she doesn't hug or kiss, and she does NOT want to be called "grandma".

Her great-granddaughter isn't sure what to think about her. But as she slowly learns more about Nell's life and experiences, the girl finds ways to connect with her prickly, pearl-wearing great-grandmother. 

February 2016

Carolrhoda Picture Books

Ages 5-9

ISBN 978-1-4677-4208-5

Written by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson

"Zunon’s mixed-media illustrations of paper collage, pastel, and watercolor lend warmth to this tender story of an aging dragon of a diva and her great-grandchild. The facial expressions span the emotional gamut from pique to sorrow to haughtiness and are all spot-on. When Nell reminisces, vague watercolor impressions evoke the perfect tone of wistfulness. Black-and-white photo reproductions accompany brief recollections of the civil rights movement. But the sterling moment shines at the very end of the story when the grandchild steals a kiss with no remorse." - Kirkus Reviews

All Images Copyright 2017 Elizabeth Zunon